• The others train you to forecast, but our scholars train you to forecast accurately in the capital market
Miss Pamela Wuni
 Northern Regional Co-ordinator
Mrs. Leticia Azumah Wuni
 Administrative Secretary
Dr. Anthony Barfi
 Director of Finance & Investment Project
Mr. Ekow. E. Dadson (Esq.)
 Institute Lawyer and Advisor
Dr. E. Tweneboah Senzu
 Executive Director
Dr. Edward Asante Jr.  Director of Research & International Relation
 Mr. Quaison Albert
 Acting Southern Zone Registrar
Mr. Nkrumah Isaac
Acting Northern  Zone Registrar
Mr. Odonti Hughes Maclean
Acting Deputy Southern Zone Registrar
Mr. Odonti Praise Joel
Acting Deputy Northern Zone Registrar
 Mr. Maxwell Arthur Coordination Director