• The others train you to forecast, but our scholars train you to forecast accurately in the capital market


        INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                                                  There are two types of Securities trading courses run by the Institute as listed below

  1. Certificate in Foundational Technical Analyst (CFTA)- (12months)
  2. Chartered Technical Analyst (CTA)-  (24months)

Both courses run the same theoretical and experiential module in 12 months period, however the foundational certificate require sitting for an International exams solely, leading to qualification awarding, while the CTA candidate in addition to the exams, will be required to go through an extra one year research study project leading to a formal presentation of thesis, to be defended before a professional technical trading council, before awarded the qualification.



CFTA Course:  Aims to equip candidate strictly on professional business of securities trading in forex & commodity, devoid of meta-theoretical and philosophies but focus much on applied trading methodologies  and strategies. The ratio of practical to theory is 30:70

CTA Course:  This module equip candidate in both theoretical and philosophies in securities analytics, including applied trading methodologies with the aim of securing the candidate beyond the capital market professional practice but further prepare candidate for teaching and research assistant jobs, as well as equipped for  technical consultancy project in security trading. The ratio of practical to theory is 50:50

Both courses have variation in fees from time to time and need to inquire from the Programme Director or the Registrar to know the current fee development structure towards the entire course completion, which are very subsidized in cost due to the non-profit nature of the Institute assignment |Contact | +233(0)543-10-5144 | +233(0)508-383-274 |+233(0)0266-559-168  for further details

Candidate after completion of the course has the opportunity to be conferred upon, a title attach to the name as CFTa or CTA.


Institutional Recognition & Affiliations


  1. International Federation of Technical Analyst – Maryland, USA
  2. Cape Coast Technical University- Central Region, Ghana
  3. African School of Economics- Abavi Cotonou, Benin
  4. Instaforex Investment Broker- Kaliningrad, Russian Federation
  5. Securities and Exchange Commission  Ghana
  6. MTC-Global, UN-Certified Educational Think Tank- India