• The others train you to forecast, but our scholars train you to forecast accurately in the capital market


Wo-1 Atonga Emmanuel Awuni(Rtd)- (chairman): Formal Ghana Air force Aircraft technician and Mortar Pl Sgt in second battalion infantry. Formal Jungle welfare school tactic instructor and Army combat & Trg.school- mortal instructor. Formal Peacekeeping veteran and senior supervisor in U.S embassy, Kampala- Uganda

Prof. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu : Ph.D., DBA., CBE. (Council secretary): He is a Research Professor, occasionally as a visiting lecturer to affiliated Universities.  He is a certified Business Economist and an Expert in Finance & Investment Banking with quality standing publications in this area of expertise.

Lawyer Ekow E. Daddson Esq.: An Attorney-In-Fact for Bastiat Institute, Solicitor advocate and a Senior Lawyer at SIMA Consult, Greater Accra, Ghana.

Mr. Saleh Nasser, CFTe., CMT. : (International council member), Vice President of Middle East and Africa of International Federation of Technical Analyst, Maryland USA.

Dr. Arun Vishnu Kumar :.( International Council Member), Department of Economics & Policy Research, Reserve Bank of Indian, Mumbai, With a quality standing publications in his area of expertise

Prof.  Iqbal Hawaldar: (International Council Member), Professor of Finance & Security market theorist, Kingdom University Bahrain, With quality standing publications in his area of expertise

Mr. Issah Quadraego: (Council Member),  A German-Trained IT-Scholar, using Agro-IT Model of Innovation to cause rural community economic development. Chief Executive Officer of B-BOVID Groups of Companies and an Astute Agro-IT Entrepreneur”. Formal Chairman of Western Regional Chamber of Commerce in Ghana.