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Francesco Caruso,  is advisor to the Global Asset Strategy Amber Fund and the  President of Market Risk Management, an investment advisory company that provides technically-driven money management services,  develops and provides proprietary research for institutions and individuals. Member of the IFTA Board, Vice President of SIAT, the Italian Technical Analysis Society and President of the SIAT Scientific Committee. Official speaker at the IFTA Conferences 1998 (Rome), IFTA 2006 (Lugano) and IFTA 2016 (Sydney).

He has published several books, articles and has created technical models and indicators available on most financial charting software and platforms, such as the Composite Momentum, the DiffRS, the ATR Bands, the Thermic Indicator and the Fear/Complacency Index. He is actually developing a new AI software based on his model, indicators and algorithms.

Awards Received and Honoured

  • John Brooks  Memorial   Award  IFTA  2008  (“Technical Tools   and  Equity  Selection: A Reward/ Risk Rating Indicator for the Stock Market Components”, published in the official 2010 IFTA Journal)
  • International award   “Golden  Leonardo  of  the Financial  Research” 1997   and  1998
  •    SIAT    Award   2011   and    2015

Francesco has developed several investor websites: www.compositemomentum.com, www.cicliemercati. It, www.francescocaruso.net, and a frequent lecturer on technical and quantitative analysis. He is involved in projects and courses regarding the diffusion of technical analysis. He is Visiting Professor at the Cassino University Italy and Lecturer in the Executive Masters Class for “Quantitative and Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets”.

What made you decide to become a technical analyst Prof. Caruso

It was a casual path at first, I was studying economics but specializing in a different area completely only to end up studying deep into technical analysis, because it led to a vision of a markets completely different from the classical and institutionalized type which is common to main stream economic studies. Then I was fortunate enough to have been taught by great masters, a fortune to which I embraced it with passion and has gone a long way beyond simple work. I have given a lot of time and intensity to technical analysis, which has become the driving force of my life, but must conclude that technical analysis has benefited me a lot.

When did you begin to analyze and trade assets and what were your first successes/losses? I started as a trader on currencies and interest rates when there were no futures in Italy yet. I learned that discipline in markets is absolutely the most important asset. You have to be humble in front of the prices, which are the only reality that counts. What kind of portfolio manager are you? What markets (or strategy) do you prefer?

The evolution of my work encouraged me to become an asset manager and therefore my quantitative models also moved in this direction. Currently my company is advisor to a SICAV Company in Italy, that has an assets estimated to be over 80 million Euros. But my projects studies and practice are wider and would like to move in the direction of CTA strategies, always with a quant engine but far more volatile and hope will be profitable for my investors. The perfect asset manager is a disciplined market reporter/crooner, for which only the analysis of the here and now counts.

Edited by Dr. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, Professor of Frederic Bastiat Institute of Cape Coast Technical University and Published by Maxwell Arthur Bastiat Institute Ghana



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