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Money as a paper note or a coin, has philosophically been noted in the tenets of economics as medium of exchange among humankind. It presumable occupy the center stage of men labour exertion. Which the effort of every self-actualizing man in the world of finance, is to aspire and attain freedom from money scarcity as a commodity. However this article will never ignore the school of thought that perceive such effort of monetary freedom as illusion with a precept that money is numbers and numbers in character is infinite, so to aspire to attain freedom of it, is impossible. While another school of thought define it monetary freedom as a status attained by men whereby it income generation is in excess against the hunger of quantum expenditure in the materialistic world.

To establish the relevance of this argument, it will be necessary to understand and appreciate the nature of mankind which this article seek to expose per historic observation. Man by nature start the journey of life by an action of struggle ( an enslaved region where the interests and desires of men are not met or denied) and the effort is to strive to the region of paradise (where freedom to access desires and ‘will’ are met at the optimum level). All race of humankind and it Institutions are on this trajectory with a hope of fulfillment, whether rich, poor, citizens, governments etc. As a result some logic actions are taken by men to reach their hopeful destination successfully through the adoption of cult group’s character, laws and security institutions to safeguard systems, territories and boundaries of interest against external aggression or opposing force. But there is a vital rule pre-eminent in nature, yet observable in its operations and that is, no matter how men are nurtured with the same standards and conditions to arrive to a common destination or goal, the final result in individual capacity will always vary. This is to conclude that some by nature are to be poor, others rich, some as carpenters, others teachers and many more, which are designed by nature to attain a unique universal goal of its kind under an equilibrium principle, which a case study of various categories of colours unique of their kind, yet mix together to produce a unified colour called white, visible to eye is a great example.

However whatever destiny it is in the individual capacity, is to transition itself on a path to conquer all obstacles and attain mastery of it nature. This establish a foundation that argue that priorities and interest of men will always differ according to the chosen pathway tracked on, in every moment of time, whether the battle is of political freedom, feminism, economic freedom, freedom of religion, financial freedom etc. However this further raise a question, how could a central management system, successfully manage the desires and interest of all this groups simultaneously? This is well known difficult task to be achieved by human institution called government in a perfectionist manner. However for a Central government as an entity, on a path to attain it freedom of assuming to be the ‘all-known’ and the all answerable god, designed principles of opportunity cost and termed it as standard under the perimeters of law in other to turn it actions both moral and immoral as justifiable and reasonable righteous in the eyes of the law.

Then how can one measure the efficiency of work by a Liberalistic spirited Institution in this case Bastiat Institute towards the agenda for economic freedom and financial prosperity for Africa. If the Institute claim at any instance with a conviction of transforming beyond 1% of the population of the Continent of Africa, then it is just tracking on a path of deception because the priorities of humankind is never universal. Fate of mankind defers and need to be respected at all time as liberalist. This could result in a simplistic deduction that, men not destined among the quadrant of riches when provided the resource of the entire world, to uplift their standard of life, they will still go back into their circle of poverty, which is just a matter of time, with a typical case study of a Pig (Sus  Sacrofa or Sus Linnaeus), While the rich oriented mindset will emerge out of minute resource and grow it into an empire, over time.

This category of the latter minority has become the heart desire of the Institute to walk with and assist because the Institute activities fall into the arena of their purview which showcase the strength of it liberalistic ideology and actions thereof.


Money generation under this context seek to define the two major mechanism in which money respond to the Law of multiplicity. They are (i) Wages of Labour Exertion (ii) Law of Financial Equity

Wages of Labour Exertion: – This is an ancient method, which money generation is measured through wages, which the rise of wages is measured by labour exertion which is popularly known to constitute human knowledge & skills, time and energy applied to achieve a profitable result defined under political economy as Property of Labour, simplistically could be termed as the art of working for money. Under this method the value of Labour as property is evaluated and measured according to the standards and interest of the employer. Which it moral and justice in the application of the measurement of such standards and evaluation, has drawn the unending battle of enmity between the circle of Socialist and Capitalist regime over centuries

As the submission of the article in the early paragraph lament on the battle line of both Institutions and humankind in the journey of striving for freedom and power naturally by birth, it was not strange that government as an Institution in developing economy of Africa, like any other continent on the earth, were bound to be attracted to the side of socialist regime from historic onset because it is the only platform that could strengthen and promote it autonomous and power as an entity to be depended upon as the center of gravity.

Now the challenge here was the inability of government as an entity to consistently and accurately satisfy the universal interest of all it ‘subject’ simultaneously, the conundrum that established the grounds of a new quadrant of market force to believe that, the actions of governments to their interest is just an abuse of power and therefore formed a structure that could thrive to it freedom in a unified manner without depending on governments, which gave birth to a new ideological tentacle called Capitalism in the early 17th Century. These had led to various propaganda thesis orchestrated by most vulnerable governments as an Institution to distort the reality and thrive on idealism that will pave the way of victimizing wrong target by the use of it established laws to vindicate it actions both justified and unjustified. Just think of it, When government poorly meet the satisfaction of it workers by the quality of labour in exertion, it never perceived by it labourers as capitalistic exploitation but if it has to be a private employer, the labourers quickly will agitate, of being exploited by capitalistic regime. Which is a clear abuse of philosophical concept against the capitalist regime in a propagandist manner. However since it is not the focus of this article, I will therefore defer to the next method of money multiplicity which is investment or Law of Financial Equity.

The Law of Financial Equity: – This method could simplistically be termed as the art of money working for its owner, which operate under the principle of Investment. As earlier submitted, any programme or agenda that seek to strengthen government as an entity with freedom of power, you should expect that, it will highly embraced it with sponsorship, however any action that seek to reduce its scope of authority and value, will be quickly subjected to threat evaluation test, if impact perceived to be high, it will in propagandist manner kill it, to clear the obstacle from the path to it freedom.

As a result, the Investment market quadrants which was easily and centrally controlled, was  captured by government globally with the use of economic laws to govern it, and label it as less risk assets trading zone. Then the other investment zone unable to be captured, classified it as high risk assets trading zone. However this quadrants is known to obey the Law of free market to the fullest that is electronic securities trading, lacking government intervention, as a result propagandaly labeled it as dangerous financial instrument, very toxic assets formulae, just to limits choices for a monopoly market. The truth is, those claimed toxic assets with high risk perception, produce high investment return which require high level of expertise and smart thinking. You will agree that for governments to create an enabling environment in other to allow majority of it ‘subject’ to acquire high level of expertise and critical thinking through such programs and it philosophy will automatically be a threat to it value of existence and will soon weaken it power of essence, hence do not naturally expect government sponsorship and contribution to classical programs of this nature.

This quadrant of the market force that seek for their own economic freedom and financial prosperity not at the expense of orders but on the merit of the sweat of their labour and faculties applied according to the rules of the market, fall into the scope of the Institute qualified candidate called the Liberalist. As earlier stated, the doctrine will not necessarily be embraced by all but that niche of the market that are magnetized to financial freedom and economic liberalization will appreciate and value the contents of Institute programme to join.


With the high appetite of spending in the arena of freedom; spending yet want to attain financial actualization will always require knowing and applying the rules of money multiplicity, which require a knowledge & skills from money multiplicity programs to augment one spending hunger. Join our class in acquiring the knowledge of financial engineering as the background of International Finance & Investment Banking. Your Liberty is guaranteed in our circle.


Article authored by Dr. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, Professor of Frederic Bastiat Institute of Cape Coast Technical University. Published by Bastiat Institute Ghana

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