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Francesco Caruso,  is advisor to the Global Asset Strategy Amber Fund and the  President of Market Risk Management, an investment advisory company that provides technically-driven money management services,  develops and provides proprietary research for institutions and individuals. Member of the IFTA Board, Vice President of SIAT, the Italian Technical Analysis Society and President of the SIAT Scientific Committee. Official speaker [...]

Money as a paper note or a coin, has philosophically been noted in the tenets of economics as medium of exchange among humankind. It presumable occupy the center stage of men labour exertion. Which the effort of every self-actualizing man in the world of finance, is to aspire and attain freedom from money scarcity as a commodity. However this article [...]

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Spyros Skouras is an Associate Professor of International Finance at the Athens University of Economics & Business and a founder of Scientific Investments, a firm that applies cutting edge scientific research to analyze quant strategies and funds. In the past, he has held academic positions at Cambridge University, the Santa Fe Institute and Imperial College and has consulted for several [...]

The substantive change in the Banks Capital structure from Ghȼ120 million to Ghȼ400million about 333.3% increase, as a process to be effected on September 11, 2017 by the Bank of Ghana to all Banks operating in Ghana. Issued with an ultimatum period of three months to raise such capital as a minimum capital requirement according to the press release by [...]