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The International Study Program in Brand Bangalore will enable students from the world to come to Bangalore and experience with great understanding of Indian Industry, the Challenges and Opportunities of doing business in Indian, as well as understanding into, it start-up eco-system

The Program exposes students to the best practices in the Industry and provides insights into how Indian Industry is thriving despite the challenges in a competitive global economy, a means to think globally and take advantage of business opportunities in India and the region

1. International School of Management Excellence
2. Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce
3. Confederation of Indian Industry
4. MTC-Global ( Think Tank in Higher Education ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

Target Group
Business Student
Social Science Student
Entrepreneurs both student and non-student

The Program is designed for the global students who are interested in getting an International Exposure in India. It will take 14 days to the completion of the course with a globally awarded certificate

Arrival Date in India 30th April, 2017
Departure Date in India 14th May, 2017

The departure time from Ghana is 28th April, 2017. The detail program calendar will be officially delivered to student and participant who have registered to participant in the academic event.


1. $1000 per student to take care of your Breakfast, Launch, and Dinner for the whole 14days including course modules fees, industry and site visit and Airport pick up and drop in India

2. To get a help for your medicals, your Visa and Air ticket as a student or participant to this program, we have special agency accredited to assist participant on behalf of Bastiat Institute Ghana

Ghc.900, for the medicals, Visa acquisition and necessary documentations required as a student or a participant for ISME clearance and accreditation for the course studies

Air ticket : British Airways from Accra to Bangalore to Accra $3,400 an economy
NB: The Institute never assists student/ participant to attain any Passport document, from any regulatory body.
Total Cost for a student or a Participant to travel to Indian and return including the cost of studies and graduation within 14days will amount to (Ghc.900 +$4,400)

However, the Bastiat Team are in a constant negotiation with other stakeholders; involved are Ethiopian Airline as well as Kenya Airline and have confident that the fee will never beat beyond the proposed fare stated herein under a market forecast of flight fare from November 2016 to April 2017. However, build your budget around this figures. When fee noted to be less, your money will be refunded to you immediately

Your interest is our ultimate goal; furthermore, with our core existence identified as Non-profit agency, we have no interest to gather profit from event of this nature, rather focus on the socioeconomic impact and developmental agenda

If Interested Contact our office in Ghana at No. B128/27 West Ngoo-Bu New Achimota-Accra


3RD Floor CCT-Fisherman House Odorkor-Kanishie Motorway.

Deadline for submission of interest to participate is 30th December, 2016.

However we are only accepting 60 students as maximum, the earlier the better to register on-line or to our office for assistance

Representative in India Prof. Bholanatha Dutta +919632318178 (President@mtcglobal.org)

Representative for West Africa Prof. E. Tweneboah Senzu +233543105144 (director@bastiatghana.org)

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