• The others train you to forecast, but our scholars train you to forecast accurately in the capital market

taxDuring the Institute analytical study of such case, it came to realise no government of Ghana sees the achievement of tax net widening in a short term but mostly sees it to be feasible in a long term with all kind of opinions since from late 2013 to 2015 yet we believe as an Institute; government of Ghana is not happy on the amount generated from tax revenue corresponding to it expenditure target to address the economic challenges.

Our records even indicate an AGI staff on 7th October 2014 on Citifm recommended to government to pass law in making every private business join an association, a means to recover tax from the informal sector which to us from Bastiat Institute is a ridiculous preposition but never the less a clever one.

Our major concern has been the tightening of it tax burden on the already captured businesses on government database to fulfil its promise to sponsored partners in widening it tax net, yet a pressure mounted on the few in the taxation net already. Sincerely the quality of life of most Ghanaians is depreciating due to inflations.

An evidence from our research studies depict that over reliance on classical economic statistics of the trends of the Ghanaian business market could be very deceptive due to the rapid changes and development dynamics of the market, such that the identified period to depend on data trends in the Ghanaian economic market is statistically indentified to be in monthly bases precisely and validity could expand not beyond three month.

Therefore our findings deduce that the force to drive the direction of the economy has to do more with behavioural studies on micro level translating to the macroeconomic dynamics, leading to quality initiatives for behavioural orientations; Such is the factors considered, resulting in the designing of the Bastiat Institute module to increase the revenue collection about 40% greater than the existing revenue collecting database of government just in a duration of 2-3years from 2015.

The Bastiat Society Ghana sponsored the crafting of the design module and furthermore sponsoring it implementation to assist government in widening it Tax net to shape the economy better than present. Per our principle, we do not only believe in healthy intellectual discourse but pragmatic actions for change. As at now the Institute has sponsored the training of it human resources engaged to manage the six regions, to experimentally try the model implementations. These six regions targeted for the experimental trial is Brong Ahafo, Ashanti Region, Eastern Region, Greater Accra, Central Region and Western region as phase-1 series.

The coordinators been trained with the skills of organising and managing the Small business owners (SBOs) and aspiring to start business to have a free Entrepreneurship training through our partnered University TUA at the sponsorship of Bastiat Society Ghana. After the training, participants are grouped according to their individual Entrepreneurial needs and wants.
Such organised group are assigned to team of expert as incubators in just a year after their training to nurture them to the position whereby their mind and business will be oriented fully into the office of Entrepreneurship to qualify quantum of the informal sector to be recognized by government for tax payment and position them in a commitment of payment thereof all in a sponsorship of Bastiat Society Ghana. Even though, we as an Institute anticipate recalcitrant Small business owners who may be reluctant to pay taxes per their own reasons but we believe that per our strategy and model frame work to draw win-win situation- line between Government and the small scale enterprise, taking very important clauses of the constitutions into considerations, we will overcome the situation, if it arises.

As at now the Bastiat Society Ghana could boast of 1000 membership from the grass root, people may wonder why such is not reflecting in our social media platform, the reason is simple our social media site are for the Elite fellowship but the grass root are mostly uneducated and if they have education it to the marginal level and those with the highest level of education are involve so much with the grassroots business that they never have ample time for social media business. We have a target of hitting 50,000 memberships 12month from the month of July 2015 in all spheres of Industrial business sectors.

With the design module incorporated with;

1. Operation sustain your business with Capital Injection
2. Operations transform your venture into Export Business
All are to be completed in the course of 12month from July this year

We are trying to prove to government a case-study of an economic think tank initiative to support government in widening tax net by private resource portfolio and furthermore support in putting value in the life of Ghanaians through small scale enterprise empowerment and economic market smooth operations.

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