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Is a person within an organization who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk- taking and innovation – (Wikipedia)

A manager within a company who promote innovative product development and marketing – (Oxford Dictionary)

They are usually employees within a company who are assigned a special idea or project and are instructed to develop the project like an entrepreneur would. – (Investopedia)

All these definition from cited sources is to support this paper to justify, who really qualify to be an Intrapreneur by a global standard.

To redefine the Entrepreneur in a simple term according to the deduction of the above three cited sources; Is to play the role as an entrepreneur under employee status.

This is the kind of employees the Ghanaian economic market is striving to attain from one Government regime to the other, yet all has been futile because of lack of proper educational planning and quality policy interlinking to support the vision of central governance

1. They are employees who just do not work for pay check but invest their energies in the success of the company

2. They are the ones who do not think employer/ employee but think what can i do today to help us win

3. Beyond mere enthusiasm, they are the ones who have the ideas, skills and contacts to help the company actually win

4. They might not make for the best business owners but may make all the difference in whether a business succeeds or fail.

5. They are the one who asks “ What if” and then follows with “ Here’s an idea”

Making your analysis from my third point above, the use of word “Ideas, Skills and Contact, you could realise when combined as one word is synonymous to Expert.

According to Chamber Dictionary an expert is a person who has extensive skills or knowledge in a particular field.

Business Dictionary also defined it as; a professional who has acquired knowledge and skills through study and practice over the years, in a particular field or subject, to the extent that his or her opinion may be helpful in fact finding, problem solving or understanding of a situation.


Students have been given impression that employers are looking for people who through test and grades have showed that they are high achievers.

The average graduate believe the higher the investment in college fee the greater valuable they become to the job market for employers and employment opportunities.

In contrarily the market definition about graduate is expert full of solutions to help address market challenges; Very proactive, critical thinkers and innovative system engineers. Above all passionate in result achieving, eventually entrepreneur like employees.

In 1978 The Chinese Government has been reforming its economy from soviet style centrally planned economy to a more market oriented economy to increase productivity, living standards and technological quality without exacerbating inflation, unemployment and budget deficits. China’s Economy regained momentum in early 1990s. The Asian Financial Crisis of 1998-99 influenced economy slowing down of growth fell as a consequence of which experts submitted proposals to state organs to stimulate economic recovery. This involved increasing student numbers and intensifying the commodification of education as a way of stimulating internal consumption.

But on the contrarily the Ghanaian System have the Business Industries heading different direction, Education different direction and Political Governance different direction. Why so?

Their expertise does not much the need of the market, their professionalism and experience lack behind present market trends. They rather penetrate the industrial market with their own problems mostly in a form of financial frustrations, seeking funds to clear student loans debt on them and expert their employees to sympathise with their predicament as a cause of poor performance yet expect to be paid not according to job performance but qualification standard.


In Ghana the Government who is the highest employer in the Country has build human resource system that pay it employees not on performance based but qualification and years of serving as an employed staff. Performance assessment is very less or even zero. This has resulted creating graduate whose orientation is directed towards certificate seeking, to define the level they could be as a bases to earn the type of salary they are expecting. These type of programme has produced mostly inferior expert passing out to the Business market, with their major target of securing themselves with government job which is save in terms of employment security, as a deduction by the employed population of Ghana.

Now since the Government sector cannot consume the labour force, it has become a burden to the private sector because the graduate expert are not meeting market performance based expectation. It will be a surprise to you that every day in Ghana, job advertise could employ about 100 to 200 graduate to the private sector but out of this number 98% do not meet the job requirement conditions.

The Ghanaian Premier Business University Cape Coast, in attempt to address the escalating level of graduate unemployment in the past 3 years has focus to produce Entrepreneurs oriented courses, which has given birth to the Faculty of Entrepreneur. My paper today suggest to them, their effort is not the best answer to the economic problem of unemployment but rather worsening the situation according to (Senzu 2015) “SMEs Market Malfunctioning, Potential Threat To Ghana’s Economy” Journal; Modern Ghana Online and Business & Financial Time News Paper

The Ghanaian Business Market needs INTRAPRENEUR to empower and strengthen it economy through high level of productivity and conscious effort to achieve result. And call for a stop to political stupidity of using employment as a political campaign strategy which only invites unproductive labour force to drive the economy to the negative direction.

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