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Dr.Tweneboah Senzu

Managing Director of Bastiat Ghana Institute

Experimental research proves that, the subjective national well-being of the people is directly proportional to high quality delivery of government service. Good governance permits people to achieve higher levels of something else that are directly important to their well-being.

Theory would suggest that average happiness is likely to be higher where different groups of citizens have fairly consistent views about what sort of government they want.

John F.H, Haitang H., Shawn G., Shun W., (Nov, 2014) “Empirical Linkage between Good Government and national well-being,” National Bureau of Economic Research 1, 1-47 State; “ Among 10 most improved countries with most worsened delivery of government service changes between 2005 and 2012, when compared to 10 countries with still most worsened delivery quality service are estimated to have increased life evaluations by as much would produced by 40% increased in per capital income.

The results also confirms that the delivery of government service generally dominate democratic quality in supporting better lives”.

1. The reliability and responsiveness of government in their design and delivery of service, proven by experimental evidence.

2. Government effectiveness, regulating quality, rule of law and the control of corruption

3. The quality of government in influencing happiness by improving the material efficiency and productivity of the economy.

4. Providing the public with a voice in policy making and the governance of Institution could impact well-being in several ways. Assuming that people are the best of judges of their needs and preferences, allowing the public to have a bigger say in the direction of the government. Should create a government that better suits their needs.

5. Avoid situations and certain conducts that will make the people feel that the procedures that led to the policy formation were unfair. We should also note policies made through procedures that exclude the public could alienate the public well being, even if the outcomes are fair and desirable. Empirical evidence attests that there is a strong positive connection between trust and well-being.

6. Experimental evidence justify that corruption lowers the likelihood that foreign aid will improve subjective well-being in the recipient countries. Furthermore strong public confidences in national institutions are importance source of change in life evaluation. Trust in the quality, completeness and fairness of broader public institution is also an important part of the overall support for better lives.

Only good government will really understand that the best way to upgrade the economic livelihood of it people in 21st century, is to create enabling environment to restore the confidence of the people in the system it establish and in return, it people with a strong will and trust, to assist the government in raising fund internally for quality administration and empowering industries.

Tweneboah Senzu PhD. BGi.
Bastiat Ghana Institute

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