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Dr.Tweneboah Senzu

Managing Director of Bastiat Ghana Institute

There is one most popular quote in all management text books, that state “Investors believe in competent management not the asset of the organization”. This assertion indeed in practical operation holds water and has been applied in management practice for many years. Unfortunately in Ghana, investors assess asset first, prioritizing it at the expense of competency in management and considering the latter as least liability.

This paper, however, seeks to prove that, among the numerous management doctrines and practices existing from 18th century up to date, the “McCormick Sytem of Management” is very appropriate and useful for organizations in the environment of developing and under developed countries of Africa in 21st Century. The system suggests adoption of the “Principle of Multiple Management” as practical formula used by McCormick &Company in early 1930’s to make them a leading organization in their industry in such era.

The system believes in satisfactory labour relationship with their employer. The young executives have been encouraged to put all of their minds to work in the interests of the business as a whole. The imagination has been aroused and they have been convinced that the future success of the company depends on the training in management they are now getting by sharing an important part of the present management. Office politics have been entirely eliminated.

Men who are striving to establish and advance themselves solely by demonstrating their ability have neither their time nor the inclination to attempt advancement by devious means. The system avoids competition between department heads but a complete accord and excellent team-work.

Multiple managements teach that department are parts of the whole business machine and that the problems are closely related to those of every other department. This gives respect to the officer at the remote part of the office to the president office to be made happier in their work and better satisfied with their jobs.

1. It utilized its customary inventiveness and ingenuity in defending itself against the many surprise assaults.

2. It seeks to solve more problems the business face in present business environment innovatively.

3. It increases profit and satisfaction.
4. It discourages attempt of Union organization.
5. It seeks to adopt the collective wisdom of the junior executive with the senior executive board to address challenges faced by the business in the environment.

6. It gives the young the opportunity for development and advancement

7. It seeks to find ways to stimulate all of the executives to apply as much of their mental capacity as possible to the management of the business.

Vol. 2 “Will define how McCormick System of Management is practiced”

Tweneboah Senzu PhD. BGi.
Managing Director of Bastiat Ghana

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