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Dr.Tweneboah Senzu

Managing Director of Bastiat Ghana Institute

All Economists understand that the Central Economic Problem unsolved in this discipline is to provide a high standard of living for all of its members. The scarcity resource available is insufficient to satisfy all human wants and needs which implies that it does not matter how the economic system in Ghana is managed it can never satisfy all wants and needs of its citizens.

However when the fundamental expectation of the citizens are denied based on natural resource measured to be available within a particular period of time, it is easy to conclude that the performance of such a economy is poor.

Analyzing my case on the Poor Performance of Ghana’s Economy will largely be attributed to human behaviour and to expand my argument; I will want to draw the mind of my readers, on the definition of economics proposed by Prof. Lionel which is universally accepted, which state “Economics is a science which studies” human behaviour” as a relationship between “ends” and “scarce” means which have alternative uses.

The emphasis on the widely accepted definition by Lionel is the studies of “Human Behaviour” this context imply that a successful performing economy is driven by human behaviour which is largely based on attitude and character.

Ghana is known globally to be blessed with numerous natural resources which need to empower it economic system to join the global giant and grow the living standard of it citizens than what we are experiencing today. Even though records prove quality education enjoyed in Ghana, with good human resource available and donor funding which started decade ago and still available to grow it economic system yet much change has not been realized, making a comparative analysis to the natural resource accessible.

With my carefully observation, I realized that the poor economic performance of Ghana today could largely be attributed to the attitude of the people and in my careful attempt to define this attitude growing to become a character of our people are

1. Selfishness
2. Conspicuous consumption
3. Greed
4. Jealous
5. Criticizing negatively without alternative solutions
6. Prefer to act on emotional driven opinion based issues rather than evidential information’s

My studies on several economic empowering speech of Dr. Osagefo Kwame Nkrumah the first President of the Republic of Ghana, I realize that 85% of this speech delivered in Ghana and Africa has a full paragraph dedicated to deal with altitudinal change to move Ghana as a country forward as well as Africa.

For Bastiat Ghana to assume that role of supporting in correcting the attitudinal challenge in the system has led to our Capacity building package of empowering the entrepreneurs with pragmatic knowledge, skills and character needed in modern business economic environment through our public lectures, intellectual debate, monthly meetings and presentation of research & scholastic papers to the direct benefit of the business community.

Bastiat Ghana as a free market economic think tank institute, believe private sector specially small scale enterprises are the engine growth of the economy in Africa and therefore need to arm the owners of such enterprise, all the ideas they need to grow their enterprise to become economical beneficial to the African state.

Our centre is also a refuge ground for intellectual discourse that promotes enterprise development; wake up the spirit of capitalist to generate wealth in a moral ground and advocate on issues of men satisfying their wants only by ceaseless labour; by the ceaseless application of their faculties to natural resources. This is the process we call origin of property not seizing and consuming the products of the labour of others. This institute total disagrees with the tendency of men to live and prosper at the expense of others.

Our centre believe in the dignity of labour, whether with head or hand; that it owes it members not a living but an opportunity to make a living. We also know by Adam Smith sayings that; no society can surely be flourishing and happy of which far greater of it members are poor and miserable, therefore is the pillar that guide this institute to create the opportunity for it members to make principle wealth on a moral grounds which is build on a foundation of character change for positive growth.

Tweneboah Senzu (PhD)
Managing Director
Basiat Ghana



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