• The others train you to forecast, but our scholars train you to forecast accurately in the capital market

Bastiat Institute Ghana is an African Economic Research and Institute of Investment Banking Studies Think- Tank, which addresses contemporary economic problems using heterogeneous approach.The ultimate mission of the Institute is to develop scientific models as well as engaging in capacity building programmes, to solve challenges facing Production, Commerce and the Investment Banking Industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

We believe the private sector, specifically the micro, small and medium scale enterprises are the engine of growth of the economy of Africa and therefore need to arm the owners of such enterprises, all the ideas they need to  grow their enterprise, to become economically beneficial to the various African State.

Claude Frederic Bastiat born on 30th June 1801 is the flag of the society, because the Institute believe in his economic ideologies,

Claude Frederic Bastiat

Claude Frederic Bastiat

philosophies and theories in liberal thinking. Furthermore appreciate his effort in contributing to a vital economic concept, very useful up to date “Opportunity Cost”. The institute project him as the banner to celebrate his liberal thinking ideologies and his remarkable contribution to the faculty of economic thinking, which we stand to project and upgrade such concept to the beneficial use of modern economic thinking and enterprise development.

Our center is a refuge ground for intellectual discourse that promotes enterprise development, wake up the spirit of Entrepreneurs to generate wealth in a moral grounds as well as advocating on issues of men satisfying their wants only by ceaseless labour and application of their faculties to natural resources. This is the process we call origin of property, not seizing and consuming the products of the labour of others. We disagree with the tendency of men to live and prosper at the expense of others.

 As soldiers of intellectualism, we fight for liberty of conscience, education, association, of the press, of travel, of labour and of trade, In short freedom of every person to make full use of the faculties, so long as it does not  harm other persons while doing so.

The center believe in the dignity of labour, whether with head or hand; such that it owes it members not a living but an opportunity to make a living. We also concur with Adam Smith statement; no society can surely be flourishing and happy of which far greater number of it members are poor and miserable, therefore it is the pillar that guide the Institute to strive and create an opportunity for it members and the people of Africa to make principle wealth on a moral grounds while addressing basic attitudinal issues which Dr. Osagefo Kwame Nkrumah once quoted as the key to economic empowerment in Africa.



The Frederic Bastiat Institute of Finance & Investment Banking has become another technical arm of the Bastiat Institute  with it prime focus  to lead in the rejuvenation of the Finance & Investment Banking Industry in Africa

The Spirit of Technical Analysis for the securities trading is proven empirically to be very weak on the continent of Africa, the system is accustomed to the manual(Table-top) trading, which is been restricted to the stock market  as the most attractive security instrument in the capital market of trades, due to less risk association, ignoring the  other securities such as the forex, commodity and bond trading at the OTC market  as an alternative private sector major equity acquiring.

The Investment market has advanced through technology over the years, to the extent of removing boundaries in the trading market electronically and presenting a huge opportunities and it benefits in terms of investment return and asset management to the traders and brokers as a whole. However to tap into this huge profitable market as (currencies exchange, Futures, Stocks, Commodities and Bonds) need an advanced technical know-how to function effectively.

This call for a higher learning Institutions, with the knowledge capacity of applied econometricians, a quality backed library of experts and global credible institutions as affiliations,  to achieve such a herculean task.  The Institute have philanthropically chosen to occupy such position and play the role effectively than any.


Engineers Capitis Foro


Being the conduit in resuscitating the finance & Investment Banking Industry in Africa


  • Running  Short term accredited Professional courses in Forex, commodity, Stock and Bond Trading  to strengthen the level of labour competency in the Investment Industry in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
  • Partnering with Cape Coast Technical University to run  First and Second Degree programme in Finance & Investment Banking, to strengthen  the labour pool of the Investment Industry and Expert in  capital market analytics in Ghana and Africa
  • Engage in Conferences and Public Forums in Africa Capital Market empowerment and maximization of efficiency in the Investment Banking Industry
  • Engage in Advanced research studies in the development of applied econometric methods and techniques in global investment trading trends and analysis that produce high yields and capitalize on strong risk management techniques in the security market


The Institute is currently running two major accredited professional programmes which are Certified Foundation Technical Analyst (CFTa) and Chartered Technical Analyst(CTA) programme in Securities trading specialize in Forex, commodities, stocks with the course weight as 146 credit hours and 18 credit course within two semesters approximately one year of studies for CFTa programme, accompanied with exams, while CTA programme require two years to graduate with exams and research project


  • Ability to acquire the relevant skills in trading in the Forex  market, the most high yield security instrument and quality portfolio asset return comparable to any.
  • Student are able to develop trade system for themselves in the Investment Market
  • Student are able to develop trading plan
  • Student are able to build their trading personality and acquire an Independent fund management mastery
  • Student are guided on how to set up successful  Entrepreneurial driven Investment Institutions
  • The CFTa course, grant the student a Level 100 exemption to Finance & Investment Banking Bachelor Technical Degree in Cape Coast Technical University.

Programme prospectus are available to apply for, through any of the mails  | bastiatghanax@yahoo.co.uk |info@bastiatghana.org| +233543105144| +233266559168 | +233508383274 | 0302905369

Remember we pride ourselves as “Capital Market Engineers


We are proud to be recognized by International Federation of Technical Analyst Inc. Maryland, USA. and Securities and Exchange Commission  Greater Accra, Ghana